What we offer

Based within the beautiful Colchester campus of the University of Essex, the Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery makes good use of the natural parkland with regular organised walks and activities. We embrace the University’s global community and welcome the opportunity to explore, explain and celebrate different cultures within our day nursery child care provision.

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Our rooms

We welcome all applications – whether you are a student, employed at the University or a member of the public. We currently offer both morning and afternoon sessions as well as full day care, so we can help arrange child care to suit your needs. Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery provides child care all year except bank holidays and Christmas vacation.

Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery offers a wide variety of stimulating and interactive activities for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Our dedicated areas include indoor and outdoor space for sand and water play, creative one-on-one activities and rest areas. Each area has direct access to our own secure garden where the children are encouraged to play outside as much as possible, allowing free flow play and rich learning opportunities. This educational environment is further strengthened by our extensive activity programme and equipment, with nursery staff regularly adapting the activities for the children in their care.

We understand that choosing child care is an important decision. If you would like to visit us to get a feel for our nursery and see the care we provide, our dedicated Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery team will be happy to show you around and answer any questions.

Babies (3-24 Months)

Poppy room (3-12 months)

Our baby room is specially designed to be a calm neutral environment where babies have tailored care from their designated key person. Because attachment is the focus of this room the key person will dedicate their time to ensuring the emotional needs of the children are the focus of the care received.

Daisy room (12-24 months)

When our children are able to walk they usually transfer to our Daisy room where the staff support the children to develop their skills to play alongside other children.

Toddlers (24-48 Months)

Sweetpea room (24-36 months)

Our toddler room is designed to support the energy and enthusiasm of this age group; the resources are available to support the child’s natural urge to explore as a way of understanding the world around them.

Acorns room (36-48 months)

The children in this age group are understanding of the world around them and are ready for small adult led tasks to prepare them for the next room where they will develop their school readiness.

Pre-School (39-60 Months)

Oaks room (39-60 months)

The focus for the Oaks room is led by a pre-school routine which prepares children for formal education, enabling children to use their interests to embed early literacy and numeracy skills.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club is a chance for your children to enjoy an array of summer activities whilst making full use of the beautiful surroundings of Wivenhoe Park.

Starting on Monday 24 July 2017 and finishing Friday 25 August 2017, from 8.30am to 5.30pm every week day, the Holiday Club welcomes children aged five to seven. All older children can enjoy the fantastic CHUMS holiday club organised and run by Essex Sport.